VSGO APS-C Cleaning Kit


APS-C Sensor Cleaning Swab
Superfine microfiber made cleaning swab All the swabs are manufactured in the class100 Clean room. Does Not Shed or Leave Fibers Behind Vacuum packed make sure the swabs dust free & safe for delicate optical surface cleaning.
Clean-room Produced & Dust-free
Each swab will be washed 4 times by ultrapure water (resistance of 18MΩ). 2 hours by ultrasonic wash, then vacuum packed. Guarantee dust-free for each swab. The ergonomic design makes sensor cleaning operation easier & safer. 3 different size for Micro 4/3, APS-C and full frame sensor.

3 Different Size for Different Sensors

ILDC Sensor Cleaning kit for Sensor Width≤12mm APS-C Sensor Cleaning Kit for Sensor Width ≤16mm Full Frame Sensor Cleaning Kit for Sensor Width ≤24mm